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Been involved in computing since the late 70s. My first computer experience was with the PDP-11 running the RSTS/E. Then installing and configuring terminal based accounting systems and custom programming in Informix 4GL on Altos systems running the Xenix OS. I then joined Art Machines in New York City where I installed and supported lead edge computer graphic systems. Projects included 3D Animation, Transputer rendering farms, Network Rendering Farms, Single frame video insert edit controllers, Business and Video Graphics, High Resolution Film Recorders, and networking all types of propriety video production equipment. After Art Machines I went to Video Corporation of America where I started doing installs and support but quickly moved into the role of IT Director. With VCA one aspect of being IT Director was that I managed an Accounting system written in PICK running on an RS/6000. I was involved in the migration from this to Dynamics SL. At VCA I was instrumental in many first initiatives including E-mail, CRM, and "The Web" as well as the continued upgrades and maintenance of these systems over the years.