SQL On-Demand Webinar Series

Learn how to best use Microsoft SQL Server.

Take advantage of this two-part SQL series today!

Start with the basics like retrieving data and work your way up to writing SQL code! You’ll also get tips to avoid common pitfalls.
MS SQLServer

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SQL 101 – Basic SQL Queries for Beginners

Learn enough basic SQL to retrieve data from your Dynamics SL database. We will focus on the select statement and joining tables together in one query. You will learn enough to use SQL with Quick Query, Excel, and reports. #SQL

This session caters to those with no (or limited) SQL experience.

SQL 203 – Thinking in Sets

Take your SQL knowledge to the next level! Particularly if you program in another language, you probably use methods that are inefficient in SQL (like cursors). Learn how to make a paradigm shift in your approach to writing SQL queries. #SQL

This session is for those with some experience writing SQL code. All code examples will use the Dynamics SL schema.