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Allocator won't recalc for a prior period

  • 1.  Allocator won't recalc for a prior period

    Posted Mar 12, 2022 01:49 PM
    We are already in fiscal period 05-2022 per General Ledger, but have just received our new NICRA rates to take effect 10/1/2021 - the beginning of our fiscal year.   We would like to use SL to recalculate our allocations for the period 01-2022 through 05-2022 and book the additional revenue to period 05-2022.

    I went into Multi-Rate table maintenance, and added new default records for OH (allocated Overhead) and GA (allocated G&A) as of 10/1/21 to record the rate change.   We rarely change the OH and GA rates by project.   We are also sure that our allocation methods are correct.

    The next step would be to run allocator to recalculate all of our projects from 01-2022 to 05-2022 at the new rates.    When we ran allocator in recalc mode for periods 01-04 2022,  there were no records created (!).

    I had seen this problem long ago, and I remember working with Jana in SL Tech Support to fix it.   She advised us to enter a transaction for a small amount (.01) to trigger SL to allocate and pick up the new rate to the project - and that worked.    So using this approach, I created a batch with a period 01-2022 that charged $1.00 in period 01 for every project that had been transacted in period 01-2022.  I also made sure to include GL accounts for labor, field labor, and at least one expense item.     Then I changed the project module's current period back to period 01, set auto-allocation off, and released & posted the batch in period 01-2022.   

    When I ran allocator to process this test batch just released for period 01-2022, I ran it as a preliminary calculation with recalculation set to "yes", using a range of 01-2022 to 01-2022 and posting the batch to 05-2022.   In my batch, I had set the transaction date on all of the lines to 10/31/21 and used that date as the Transaction Date on the allocation processor screen..

    Sadly, the preliminary allocation calculation only allocated exactly what was in my test batch and did not trigger recalculating all of our costs for period 01-2022 using the new rates.

    Does anyone have any other ideas about how to trigger allocator to recalculate each of period 01-05 to pick up our new OH and GA rates?

    Any thoughts would be appreciated!

    Gail Jones-Nemeth
    Financial Systems Analyst
    Creative Associates Int'l
    Chevy Chase MD