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  • 1.  Benefits History report

    Posted Oct 06, 2021 02:17 PM
    Colorado enacted a new law that requires us to provide sick leave for part time employees as a response to Covid.  We employ interns that return for summer and christmas break, so instead of terminating them and rehiring them, we just put their employment status on "inactive" while they are at college, and then make them active again whenever they come back.  When we switch them to inactive, they drop off the benefits history report even though they have residual balances of accrued sick leave.  

    Is there a way to have the benefits history report show any employee with a balance (active and inactive)? There is no resulting adjustment to the liability for the benefit when we make them inactive, so this is making it impossible to reconcile the benefit history report to the balance sheet liability

    Michele Gargaro
    TDA Research, Inc.
    Wheat Ridge CO

  • 2.  RE: Benefits History report

    Posted Oct 07, 2021 09:05 AM
    I have not modified the specific report, but below is a general approach.

    As with any report that is in crystal, you can make a copy and then modify it to your own needs.
    1.  Make a copy of the report to a new name, keeping the root of the name

    Look at the view that the report uses and you may need to modify it to include inactive employees
    If the view filters out inactive employees, you will need to modify it.
    1. Be sure you consider all the other reports that may use the view.
    2. reconfigure the view (do in a test database) to include all employees

    In RPTControl for the report
    1. in the custom fields screen, use a check box with a caption 'Include Inactive Employees with a balance'
    2. Save the change

    In Crystal
    1. Make a formula field for the ShortAnswerxx that is used for the checkbox above. (RIPARAM function)
    2. Modify the record select to include the rows selected, using the new formula field
      a. If the box is unchecked, include only active employees
      b. if the box is checked, Include all active employees and (inactive employees with a balance)

    Test and then deploy.

    Hope this helps.

    Mark Schrier
    Information Systems Director
    Mackay Communications, Inc
    Raleigh NC