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1.  AR Payment Application

Posted 7 days ago
​Under AR Payment Application, having trouble applying monies to open invoice. The money is in account, but whenever I F3 to pull up money to apply it shows its not there?? Anyone have any suggestions?

Sonia Valenzuela
Mojave Air & Space Port
Mojave CA

2.  RE: AR Payment Application

Posted 7 days ago
In my experience the most common solutions would come from one of two things; one, that the payment batch is not released (on hold on another batch in Payment Application) or two, that it was entered as a Pre-Payment, so you must change your payment type to be that instead and then hit F3 to select the payment. Did you check Customer Maintenance to make sure that the payment did post to the customer's account?

Kristen Hillger
Financial & Administrative Manager
Eco-Drip Irrigation Supply
Garden City TX

3.  RE: AR Payment Application

Posted 4 days ago


You can also use the Application Inquiry/Reversal screen to see if it has been applied to another invoice.  If so, you can reverse that here and apply properly.

David Callery
Coe & Company, LLC
New Orleans LA

4.  RE: AR Payment Application

Posted 16 hours ago
Hi Sonia, you could also use the Payment Applications report - search under your check # and it will tell you what customer id it was applied to.  It may just be under a different customer id.


Helen Deaton
Temporary Housing Directory Inc