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Project vs GL Accrued Payroll Expense

  • 1.  Project vs GL Accrued Payroll Expense

    Posted 07-11-2018 09:25 AM
    Project Gurus,

    I'm looking for some wisdom on where to start looking for an issue accounting is seeing with their Accrued Payroll numbers.  This is being seen in SL 2011 FP1 (ver 8.10.30917.00).  Below is the user's ticket text (mildly edited):

    As discussed, my Accrued Payroll account (2184) does not seem to be clearing properly. At the end of each period, I have a higher balance in GL 2184 verses what should be accrued for the ~1 week of payroll costs that will be paid in the next month related to current month activity. I can see in project where when an employee does not work a full week or have the full 40 hours entered through project, project appears to be adjusting the hourly rate to make the employee whole for that week. However, when the employee is paid through payroll, it uses the accurate hourly rate thus leaving the difference between those two amounts in 2184.


    Using George Smith as an example:

    • Hourly Amount per Project (GL Labor Recon) 793.27/8= $99.15
    • Hourly Amount per PR (PR Transactions)  634.62/8= $79.32  This is the correct amount per hour based on his salary.   

    Joe Miller
    Director of Systems Architecture
    Harrison, Walker & Harper
    Paris TX

  • 2.  RE: Project vs GL Accrued Payroll Expense

    Posted 07-11-2018 11:49 AM


    Look at the individual employee in the Employee Position/Rate Maintenance to see how this employee is set up.

    If hourly, check the rate to make sure it is the same as his actual payroll hourly rate.

    If he is set up as salary, his total weekly salary will be costed and accrued (in SL), no matter how many hours he works.

    Another factor, check Time and Expense Setup for the rate lookup. If prevailing or union rates exist for a project, the system will take the highest rate.

    There are some "audit" methods you can use to backtrack what has happened.  Timecard corrections, timing of posting the timecards in SL can also affect the wage accrual.  

    June Henderson
    365 Solutions Group, LLC
    Gainesville TX