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SL 2015 Key down in grid rows problem

  • 1.  SL 2015 Key down in grid rows problem

    Posted 21 days ago
    We recently upgraded from SL 2011 to SL 2015 and have run into issues on various screens with grid row data entry. An example is in the Transfers screen (10.040.00) when a user is entering information in the Detail grid if they arrow down to the next line instead of tabbing over to be set on the next line a myriad of issues occurs i.e. lot/serial number field will not auto populate after entering a quantity, saves fail due "required fields being empty",etc... Is there some setting to allow users to key down instead of having to tab all the way over to start a new line that keeps automated functionality in tact? This same issues occurs if users copy and past lines as well. Best regards,

    Harrison Latimer
    Fujimi Corporation
    Tualatin OR