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Gail Jones-Nemeth is a longtime consultant and user of Dynamics SL, starting with Solomon in 1985. She is currently with Creative Associates International in Washington, DC, but largely works from her new home in Ravenna, Ohio (near Cleveland).

Creative is a government contractor, primarily for USAID, and a heavy user of the Project Series to support operations in 20 countries. The company has also implemented ReQlogic, Databasics, Fastpath, Unanet, and SharePoint.

Gail stepped down in 2010 from her role as CIO for Betco Corporation after 10 years. Betco is a deeply implemented Dynamics SL distribution & manufacturing site in Toledo, Ohio, with extensive customizations, 3rd party add-ons, and integration to all major systems making Dynamics "The heart of Betco".

Gail has served as a board member of the Dynamics SL User group since 2008, has been content coordinator for most of the years since, and frequently contributes on the forum. Her annual presentation of "Nuts & Bolts for Financials" premium session sells out every year.    She currently serves on the content  committee for the User Group Conference, mentoring awesome 2017 Content Chair Jennifer Pippin.