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    Posted Aug 22, 2019 07:18 PM
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    ​We are reviewing and testing the payroll module in Dynamics SL 2018 and have several questions.

    In Deduction Maintenance - is the "pay frequency" intended for the frequency of the deduction? Such as if the deduction is (24) times per year and not withheld in the 3rd pay period of a month, should the deduction be filled in the semi-monthly fields. The check boxes at the bottom of these fields are grayed out, for example semimonthly shows first and last. Does this mean the deduction will be deducted in the first and last pay period of the month, and if it's a 3 pay period month, the deduction will not be deducted in the 2nd pay period of the month? The system will calculate the deductions accordingly, and it isn't necessary to zero out the deductions when they are not be withheld (3rd pay period of the month)?

    If the deduction is biweekly, every pay period (26) times per year, then fill in the deduction under biweekly.

    Thank you for your help.

    Gail Norvell
    Finance Director
    Elephant Butte Irrigation District
    Las Cruces NM


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