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    Posted Jul 22, 2020 03:58 PM
    We have a project that requires a discount. The Customer is being given a set of hours/dollar amount free. How do we bill out the hours T&M that they work and show a discount to them on the invoice? Thanks,

    Melissa Neuberger
    AE Business Solutions
    Madison WI

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    Posted Jul 23, 2020 06:48 AM
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    We have had a couple of customers who were providing discounts to their customers during this time period.  There are a couple ways you can do this and I am assuming you are billing via the Flexible Billing functionality.
    If this is going to be an exception to your normal business rules, I would suggest adding the discount manually on the Invoice and Adjustment billing.  You would simply create an Account Category, and that new discount Account Category to the Billing Rules Maintenance so the posting is correct, add this new category to the Invoice format you will use and make sure it is in the proper format and location you want on the invoice, and finally you will add a line in Invoice and Adjustment manually when you create the billing.  This works fine for a couple of customers doing this.  I have attached screen shots on a document as examples.
    If this is going to be an ongoing scenario in your business, you can take the above one step further and add another element in the Allocation Rule to create the billing line automatically in Invoice and Adjustment based on hours or type of hours worked.  This would probably require some testing to make sure of correct rates and if there are ceilings on the discounts.

    David Callery
    Coe & Company, LLC
    Jefferson LA


    Billing discount setup.docx   143 KB 1 version