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VAT for Canadian company

  • 1.  VAT for Canadian company

    Posted Mar 28, 2018 10:55 AM
    ​Hi everyone,
    We will be working with a new company in Canada and will need a third party solution to handle the VAT.  Please let me know if you are aware of any third party products that integrate with SL.
    Thank you,

    Lucille Pileggi
    Project Manager/Consultant
    Intellitec Solutions LLC
    Wilmington DE

  • 2.  RE: VAT for Canadian company

    Posted Mar 29, 2018 09:34 PM
    Lucille - Solomon Software UK has the answer.....send an inquiry to Richard Armitage:

    Randy Andrews
    Manager-Dynamics SL Support
    Gaithersburg MD

  • 3.  RE: VAT for Canadian company

    Posted Apr 02, 2019 08:36 AM
    Edited by Shane Siggins Apr 09, 2019 06:52 PM

    We certainly can help Lucille. 

    Our US number is 415-985-9255.

    Our VAT website can be seen at

    We'll also be Anaheim in less than a couple of weeks, if you're going.

    Shane Siggins
    Channel Manager
    Solomon Software (UK) Ltd
    (SL Distributor)