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DSLUG Conference 2019: Benefits of Sending Multiple Employees

  • 1.  DSLUG Conference 2019: Benefits of Sending Multiple Employees

    Posted Mar 06, 2019 09:10 AM
    ​After your company approves one person to attend a conference, it can be difficult to get approval for additional attendees. Your boss and company are looking at it from a financial perspective and more attendees equals more flights, hotel rooms, and higher travel expenses. Dynamics SL User Group Summit is 4 days of jam-packed sessions and activities. With over 120 sessions, there is no way one person can make it to everything. With that being said, it may be time to consider the benefits of sending more than one person to DSLUG Conference 2019.

    We've put together a short list of benefits that you can only get out of the event if you send multiple employees.

    #1 Divide and Conquer

    One of the largest benefits of sending multiple team members is the ability to cover more ground during the week. If you've ever attended a conference, you already know that you plan your schedule with the intention of getting to every session of interest but then you get pulled in another direction unexpectedly. You may find out about a networking event or decide to walk through the expo hall and forgo your plan. At the end of the week, you find yourself feeling like you missed out on important content.

    Bringing a colleague can help you manage the busy week. As a team, you can plan ahead and determine which sessions each person will attend to get the most out of the event. This allows you to get to every session of interest, without stretching yourself too thin. After the event, you can meet as a group and share the important information you collected and get the information you may have missed.

    #2 Multiple Perspectives and Roles

    Another advantage to sending multiple people from the same company is gaining multiple perspectives on the same information. Depending on your role in the company you will each gain a completely different perspective from a single piece of information. This will provide a well-rounded experience and benefit your company later. For example, your Controller may find the features in the Finance module from the newest Dynamics SL release helpful, but your Purchasing Manager may benefit from the list of features added to the Inventory module. If the Controller was the only employee that attended, he/she may not know to bring back the information about the Inventory module and your Purchasing Manager may just miss out.

    #3 Network with Confidence

    Lastly, large networking events can be intimidating, especially if it's your first time attending. Having another colleague (or two) with you can help you feel more comfortable in a large group setting. Working as a team to meet professionals from other companies can help you get the most out of the conference and feel confident doing it. Approaching a vendor or expert as a group can give you the confidence to have a conversation without all the pressure.

    There are a million reasons to attend DSLUG Conference 2019 as a single or a group. We strongly suggest you consider both option and determine what makes the most sense for your company. If you think multiple team members can benefit from attending, don't hesitate to send them. You won't be disappointed with the education and connections they return with.

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