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  • 1.  Upgrading to V2018 CU5

    Posted Jan 04, 2021 09:53 AM
    This post is more along the lines of commentary and not actually a question.     I downloaded the V2018 CU5 upgrade as soon as it was available, and started testing with it.

    I did run a test database update that did highlight a number of errors that I had to correct prior to go-live.   Once those were corrected, then the database upgrade ran without any errors.   This also seems to have corrected the issue I had with Favorites in the test environment.

    As the documentation recommended, I did export all of my customizations to a backup file - a handy thing to have around anyway.   However, the customizations do seem to have survived the upgrade.     Not taking any chances, I reloaded all of our customizations from the exported files.

    The major issue I had was that we have heavily customized the vendor maintenance screen.    The 1099 tab on vendor maintenance has several changes so that had to be updated.

    What did NOT survive the upgrade (and isn't mentioned in the documentation) are PVRec's - all PVRec's are dropped during the database upgrade process.   Since we make extensive use of Force BI PV Editor, I had already exported all of our custom PV's to a backup folder so those were easily imported back in.     If you haven't looked at this product, I recommend it to you (ForceBI | PV Editor for Dynamics SL 2018 - ForceBI) .   Our users love that I can add key fields in their many lookups.

    We are now LIVE on CU5.   The new version does seem to have fixed a few of our annoyances from CU2 and I'm looking forward to digging into a couple of the new features.

    Gail Jones-Nemeth
    Financial Systems Analyst
    Creative Associates Int'l
    Washington DC