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New Community Features: Reply Email Notifications, Inline Replies, Save Posts as Drafts

  • 1.  New Community Features: Reply Email Notifications, Inline Replies, Save Posts as Drafts

    Posted Dec 07, 2018 12:43 PM
    Edited by Marghet Hager Jan 18, 2019 11:22 AM

    Hi everyone!

    I'm excited to announce three new community features on the website! Please read this blog post for all the details on the new features, and here are the highlights:

    • New reply notifications: Participants will now get a real-time email notification when there is a new reply on a discussion thread that you started or when there is a new post on a thread to which you’ve replied. If you don't want to post anything but want to get notifications anytime someone replies on a discussion that that you find interesting, you can 'favorite' a thread by clicking on the star next to the post. You can also deselect the star to stop receiving notifications on a discussion thread. Not interested in receiving reply notifications in general? You can turn these off by going to your PROFILE>MY SETTINGS>EMAIL PREFERENCES and clicking No next to Participation Emails.
    • Inline Reply: To make it easier for users to reply online, you now can make a reply within the discussion thread page which will allow you to reference the whole discussion thread when creating your reply. The 'Reply Inline' option is a quick reply option with streamlined formatting options, but you can click on the 'Use Advanced Editor' link if you want to use more formatting options (add an image, etc.) in your post.
    • Save as Draft: Ever found yourself writing a post and got pulled away? There is now a SAVE AS DRAFT option to allow you to save your message to finish later, as well as a new auto-save feature which will automatically save your post content in case you accidentally close your browser window or something crashes. Go to your profile and navigate to Contributions>List of Contributions to find your drafts waiting for you to resume typing.

    To help us address any issues as fast as possible, please create a support ticket if you are having any questions or feedback on these new features.

    Now, who's excited about these new features?


    Marghet Hager
    Member Community Manager
    Dynamic Communities