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    Posted 7 days ago
    Can anyone point me to a good referral source who may be able to discuss whether or not it is possible to integrate an HCM system into Dynamics SL? I know it is possible with Dynamics CRM but don't know what that is or if it's similar.

    Crystal Polege
    Chapters Health System, Inc.
    Temple Terrace FL

  • 2.  RE: Systems Integration

    Posted 6 days ago
    We have tools and an API that allows us to integrate many different systems to Dynamics SL.  I would be happy to discuss further.  Feel free to direct message me for more information.


    Brian Wharton
    Catalina Technology
    Redondo Beach CA

  • 3.  RE: Systems Integration

    Posted 6 days ago

    You may want to reach out to Brian Wharton of Catalina Technologies.  He has a good tool set that assists in the integration of all data with Dynamics SL and I am sure he can help.

    David Callery
    Coe & Company, LLC
    Jefferson LA

  • 4.  RE: Systems Integration

    Posted 6 days ago

    It is absolutely possible - there are a number of methods for creating an integration with SL and another system.

    Key factors for designing the integration include:
    • the number of systems being integrated (today the HCM, tomorrow ?)
    • the number of objects being integrated
    • the level of detail on those objects
    • the complexity of the processes being integrated (payroll vs customer maintenance)

    I see Catalina's APIs have already been mentioned, here are a few other architectural options:
    • some systems have preferred partners with pre-built integrations they can refer you to
    • for infrequent data integration - transaction import
    • write directly to SQL database
    • create custom RESTful endpoints (Azure functions are my recommended platform for this)
    • utilize the SOAP web services
    • create REST/SOAP translation processes (Azure logic apps are my recommended platform for this)

    Depending on the architectural needs, some or many of those options may not be appropriate, others will require a combination.  Most of us have our favorites - the hammers that we try to hit every nail and screw with.

    Drew Skwiers-Koballa
    Director of IT
    Inside Edge CIS
    Eagan MN

  • 5.  RE: Systems Integration

    Posted 5 days ago

    The details of your integration are really important here.  In my experience, the options range from:

    1. Custom -- example UltiPro
    2. Third Party or Publisher's Application Specific Interface -- examples Abra, Ascentis
    3.  Native integration to Dynamics SL -- example Silverbrook HR

    Do you have a specific HCM application already deployed?

    David Siegel
    General Manager
    Velosio Gulf States
    New Orleans LA