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Transaction Import for Kit Assemblies

  • 1.  Transaction Import for Kit Assemblies

    Posted Dec 16, 2019 11:31 AM
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    I am having an issue with the transaction import for the Kit Assembly screen (10.050.00).

    For a little background, I am using PowerApps on tablets to collect data into a user table to get materials and quantities for the kits.

    I pared down the control file to only information that I need to populate the kit assembly. For my data file, I am using four levels: Batch, Kit, Trans, and LotSer.  I am having no issue with the batch and kit.

    However, when the information for the kit is populated, the kit will automatically explode the components into the kit assembly.  This is okay, but at times there are discrepancies between the kits and the data collected on the tablets.  I need the data collected on the tablets to override the kits. I used a method that was somewhat effective of deleting the records and inserting new records. Also changing the records with TI was somewhat effective.  I'd like to understand the best practice for this application.

    In addition, I have been completely ineffective trying to populate the data from the tablets for the LotSer level. I get messages like the one below:

    'System Message 16009: The lot number you entered already exists for this item. Please enter a new one.

    Currently, we are using the  FIFO method when issuing the lot serial numbers in kits. This defaults the oldest lot numbers into the kit. Since, with this method, it is already populated, I attempted to delete and repopulate the lot numbers. I have also tried to change the lot numbers.  I have had no success with either method.

    I also considered an alternative way of issuing lot numbers by requiring user input. Still, I had no success with this method.

    I am not sure if there are limitations for populating the lot serial numbers with transaction import. If anyone has any thoughts on it, I would appreciate feedback. I've attached the control file that I have been using for testing.

    Thank you in advance to anyone that has any suggestions.

    Joseph Bleitner
    Special Projects Manager
    Private Industrial Holdings
    Birmingham AL


    1005000_v3.csv   4K 1 version
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  • 2.  RE: Transaction Import for Kit Assemblies

    Posted Dec 17, 2019 12:35 PM

    With regard to updating the quantities at the component level automatically for NON Lot/Serial items.  I had to create a Object Model executable (scheduled through Application server) that creates the production entry batch save and close screen (component records are created).  Then open the component screen from the object model cycle through the components and update existing and add any that did not exist, Save and close.  Then reopen the production entry screen and release it.  All from with in the Object Model screen.

    Now with regard to Lot/Serial tracked items.  The only way I have been able to automate that was to build screen logic into a stored procedure and create all the associated records from scratch (updating them always had issues).  Then in the last part from above, releasing, I included these batches also.

    Automating reporting production with lot/serial is not easy though the GUI (I never figured it out anyways).

    Hope this helps or at least gives comfort that you are not missing something simple.

    Dwight Neate

    Dwight Neate
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    Material Handling Services
    Perrysburg OH

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