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DSLUG Conference Presenters: Behind the Scenes with Paige Rodgers

  • 1.  DSLUG Conference Presenters: Behind the Scenes with Paige Rodgers

    Posted Feb 21, 2019 01:22 PM
    ​​With Dynamics SL User Group Conference (DSLUG) 2019 only a month and a half away, conference presenters are gearing up and preparing for a busy week. Join over 500 Microsoft Dynamics SL users for four days of unparallel education and networking opportunities. You can expect 124 sessions, 80+ subject matter experts in attendance, and the chance to explore solutions and gain a deeper understanding of Dynamics SL.

    We sat down with Paige Rogers, one of DSLUG Conference 2019's Presenters to get a behind the scene look at the sessions she will be presenting and how she got involved. Paige is an Independent Dynamics SL Consultant and Microsoft Certified Trainer with over 20 years of experience helping Dynamics SL users learn the system and solving their problems. Paige has a special focus on training and is one of the many expert presenters signed up for DSLUG Conference happening April 15-18, 2019 in Anaheim, California.

    Hannah Horning (HH): How long have you been involved in DSLUG? Is this your first time leading a breakout session?

    Paige Rodgers (PR): I've worked with DSLUG Conference for many years and led sessions for most of that time.

    HH: How did you get involved in presenting at the event?

    PR: The event has always emphasized being put on by the users.  When they wanted some specific technical content, they involve the consultants too. And I just became one of the consultants that are happy to present and help people, so they don't have to go through the same pain points that I did.

    HH: Do you normally offer the same sessions or do the sessions change each year?

    PR: The sessions change based on whatever the content committee asks for. I do a couple of the same sessions every year because they are requested by the users. I offer sessions on whatever users are asking for because I have a broad spectrum of knowledge on the topics.

    HH: What sessions are you presenting at DSLUG Conference 2019?

    I'm presenting/co-presenting six sessions this year.

    We've provided the full list of Paige's sessions below:

    Academy – Digging into Your SL Data – SQL for Beginners

    Academy – Nuts & Bolts for Admin

    Making SL Your OWN – Financial Perspective

    Dynamics SL Bootcamp

    Common Customization Issues

    SQL Toolbox: Sharing SL Code

    HH: I've never attended an Academy session, how are those different than the regular breakout sessions?

    PR: The Academy sessions have a smaller number of people in them and they go much deeper on the topic. Also, they are taught by premium (or expert) presenters rather than peer user, like many of the breakout sessions.

    HH: If someone told you that they want to attend an Academy session, but they need to convince their boss to pay for it, what would you tell them?

    PR: SL training isn't widely available, it's not something you can just go to Global Knowledge or one of the training partners to get. This is something that is already prepared and put together. The other option for training is to pay an hourly rate to a consulting firm. When you look at the price difference and that you are already at the conference, it is really the best way to go. And you can get to know the other people that are also experience those same issues. It's a double benefit, you are meeting people that are also in the exact same position you are.

    HH: What's your favorite part of DSLUG Conference?

    PR: Networking with other users and getting to know how other people are using the system. Also, what other industries and solutions are out there. The content is great but getting to know the people involved is the biggest benefit for me.

    HH: What's one thing you look forward to each year? What's your highlight?

    PR: The highlight for me are the third-party vendors. I always like to see what's available and what's coming out as an add-on solution. I know what the main product can do but I like to find out what can the third-party vendors can do to help my customers. What I can provide clients that I was unaware of. I always recommend a third-party solution before I recommend customizing the system yourself.

    HH: What would you tell someone who has never attended the conference but may already be a DSLUG member?

    PR: One of the biggest benefits and easiest ways to get your company to pay for the conference are the CPE credits. Any CPA can get CPE credits. Most CPAs don't have the time to get the credits any other way, so this is the easiest way to get the credit and maintain their CPA requirements.

    But on top of that, getting answers to questions in the online forum is great but being able to sit and have lunch with someone really makes it come alive. It's great to put a face to the name. Making that connection enables you to have a community, so when you have an issue you know who you are asking and what their background is. For instance, in the large sessions, you get to see who is coming from across the country that use the product.

    HH: What tips would you provide for a new attendee to get the most out of the conference?

    PR: #1 Don't take the time to take all the notes from the slides because they are given to you after. Be sure to ask questions and take advantage of talking to the presenters after the session. Also, take the presenters contact information because most presenters are happy to help you and answer questions after the conference.

    #2 Get to know what third-party products are out there because you would be surprised that most of the problems you are facing someone else has already experienced. Take the time to look at the vendors because they may have solutions that you didn't even know existed.

    DSLUG Conference 2019 is expected to bring 80+ experts like Paige for training from beginner to advanced levels. Whether you need a little help or a lot with accounting or development, this conference is the ultimate place to get the information you need. We can't wait to see you there!

    P.S. If you haven't already registered, you still have time to save $100 on your conference pass. REGISTER HERE

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