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Exclusive Interview with Doug Hamatani, DSLUG Member, on DSLUG Conference 2019

  • 1.  Exclusive Interview with Doug Hamatani, DSLUG Member, on DSLUG Conference 2019

    Posted Dec 13, 2018 06:11 PM
    ​It can be hard to justify using some of your limited budget to attend a conference, however, Dynamics SL User Group Conference 2019 (DSLUG Conference) is worth every penny. But you don't have to take our word for it. Hear firsthand from a fellow peer and Dynamics SL User Group (DSLUG) member on the benefits of attending.

    We sat down with Doug Hamatani, DSLUG Member and Program Manager for Financial Applications, at Brookfield Residential, and asked him to share his experiences and thoughts on DSLUG Conference. Doug has attended DSLUG Conference four times and doesn't plan to stop now. Brookfield Residential has used Microsoft Dynamics for 10 years and has five Dynamics SL installations across the United States and Canada. Doug has his work cut out for him managing a staff of five and five installations and needs to stay up-to-date on Dynamics SL features and product roadmap. DSLUG Conference is a great opportunity for him and his staff to get the information they need to be successful. Read the full interview below.

    Hannah Horning (HH): Think back to the first event you attended, what stood out the most and made you glad you went?

    Doug Hamatani (DH): For me, it was the amount of knowledge available from others [users]. During the breakout sessions, you really feed off other people. You hear their problems and get a different perspective. I felt enlightened because I realized the system [Microsoft Dynamics SL] could do more than I originally thought possible.

    HH: What is one thing you look forward to every year?

    DH: Jeff Suwyn [Product Management and Marketing for Microsoft Dynamics SL at Plumbline Consulting]. He's always quite entertaining and has lots of good jokes and scenarios, but also very knowledge and puts it in a light-hearted way. He falls into swimming pools and comes dressed in interesting outfits. He provides some great comedic relief.

    HH: How would you persuade someone to attend? Why would someone choose to spend their budget on this conference?

    DH: I always use this experience. Of course, everyone's experience is different, but this was mine. In most cases, you're probably not going to have a landslide moment. Learn three little things and one big thing and that will justify the cost. It's the little things that add up over time and save your staff three hours a month on month-end, for example. These little tips and tricks save you a huge amount of time later. Think about it, if three people learn three things that save three hours that's 9 hours saved per month and that adds up to huge dollars. You can't look at attending the conference as you are going to change the world, it's the small value that adds up overtime.

    HH: Are you the only person from your company that attends or do other people attend with you?

    DH: I take my staff every year to get exposure. I think they find it enlightening to understand why it [Dynamics SL] was designed that way and what it's supposed to do.

    HH: What are a few tips you would provide a new attendee to ensure they get the most out of the conference?

    DH: I would say, attend the breakout sessions, they are hugely valuable. And get all the contacts of the people that are really the experts. Not only use the application [Dynamics SL] but apply it to situations that you never thought would work and understand what you can or can't do with it. Lately, I found a lot of value in talking to third party vendors as well. It's interesting to learn how they interface with other applications.

    HH: Will you be attending DSLUG Conference 2019?


    I think we can all agree the more you know the better. DSLUG Conference 2019, happening April 15-18 in Anaheim, California is your chance to learn, connect with peers and experts, and explore solutions to extend the functionality of Dynamics SL. DSLUG Conference is the only conference with content created for users by users and is a powerhouse of knowledge exchange. Register today and come see for yourself.

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