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Technical Support for Dynamics SL - website issues

  • 1.  Technical Support for Dynamics SL - website issues

    Posted Mar 22, 2019 01:46 PM
    It appears that Microsoft has been "upgrading" the CustomerSource website in order to implement a new incident tracking system for technical support.    Sadly, this means that at the moment, some users (like me) cannot enter a new technical support incident on the website.

    In order to enter a new technical support incident, you can call this number and the nice folks will take a detailed message and pass it on as if you had entered it on the website:     888-477-7877

    Don't try to call the number listed on the website (1-800-936-4900)  as it is for all of Microsoft, the menu is endless, and doesn't take you to SL anyway.

    If anyone notices this is fixed, please respond on the forum!

    Best regards,

    Gail Jones-Nemeth
    Financial Systems Analyst
    Creative Associates Int'l
    Washington DC

  • 2.  RE: Technical Support for Dynamics SL - website issues

    Posted Apr 25, 2019 08:37 PM
    Hello All

    Regarding CustomerSource and PartnerSource process for creating new cases.

    Wanted to get this to you in case any customers/partners have questions on the new process:


    Also, if you do create a case for the Microsoft Dynamics SL support team make note that the emails sent from Service Desk are formatted
    Each support agent has a slightly different alias but the domain would be the same.
    This type domain naming and alias can be seen as "spam"
    Please check the folders "Junk" "Other"  or "clutter" as they may not go to Inbox or Featured folders.
    If it fails to deliver you may have to contact your IT department to see if its filtered at the server level.

    If you find the email in your Junk folder, please use the following steps to have these show in your main Feature Inbox:

    • Right click the email in question
    • Select Always Move to Focused
    • You will receive a verification message noting "Do you want to move all future messages from XXXX  to the Focused tab?
    • Click Yes


    Please note you will need to do this with each new support engineer that might reply to your cases unless your IT adds the to allowed domain/ domain alias  to receive emails from us. You can also check your online account for your support case and any updates that will show there. Please note due to the new changes to the Support Submission process, you will only be able to see the support cases you submitted only.

    Jana MacDonald
    Microsoft Dynamics Support