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EDI Shipper Setup questions

  • 1.  EDI Shipper Setup questions

    Posted Jan 18, 2021 11:33 AM

    I am trying to configure a few things for our customer.  We use the standard EDI setup in SL for our shippers but I am still learning best how to export what we need our this to work for our customer.

    1 - For shippers: When we use one format, the line detail is missing but then when we switch to the other advanced format the Pro number is missing.  Is there a way to include both?
    2 - We currently have the orders and shipper auto-imported in to SL from our customer.  Sometimes we have to split out the shipper because there is multiple ship (s) that we have to do.  What is the process to do this  in SL?
    3 - We have to include the load number.  What field is best to store this?  I was thinking of ref number but I'm not sure where this is located.
    4 - Are there EDI specs out there that I can send to the Vendor we uses to translated the file? It looks like these are no longer include in Customer Source.

    Mackenzie Platten
    Crestwood Associates L.L.C.
    Schaumburg IL