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UnVouchered Receipts

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    Posted Jan 04, 2019 07:56 AM
    In reconciling the UnVouchered Receipts account (GL 2051 for us), our end of the year balance is a positive; or there's been Returns with no Receipts to go against.

    When we first started using the PO module, AP didn't know to make sure they didn't Voucher a Receipt that had been Returned, as well as Purchasing didn't make sure they were Returning a Receipt that had already been Vouchered.  Currently each person (PO and AP) need to have several screen open while entering to be sure the above doesn't happen.

    Is it crazy to think SL wouldn't allow the Vouchering of a Returned receipt and/or allow the Returning of a Fully Vouchered receipt?  Currently it allows both in 2011 version.


    1.  Best way to correct the Over Returning (is that a word? LOL) of PO Receipts?
    2.  Is there a setting in SL to prevent the Vouchering of a Receipt that's been Returned AND to prevent Returning a Receipt that's already been Vouchered?

    Stephanie Herdt
    Accounting Manager
    Ace Asphalt / Brown Brothers Asphalt and Concrete
    Phoenix AZ

  • 2.  RE: UnVouchered Receipts

    Posted Jan 04, 2019 09:06 AM
    Hi Stephanie,

    SL is working as designed....

    To your first question of over returning (LOL) of PO receipts, I don't see how that is possible.  When doing a return, you have to change the receipt type to Return, then select the PO, then select the line you want to return in the detail section.  It will automatically populate with the qty that was received.  If you try to change the qty to an amount greater than what was received, you get a message Insufficient quantity available, please reenter.  So based upon that, I don't see how one can over return a receipt.

    To the next question of allowing return of a fully vouchered receipt, it can be a common practice in business for this to occur.  You could receive an item today, put it up on a shelf, voucher it then 15 days later pull it down to see that it is damaged in the box.  You now need to return the item.  There is also the premise that every shipment from a vendor will have a corresponding invoice.  If a item was shipped incorrectly, you still have to voucher the invoice as most vendors will issue a credit memo (for the return of the wrong item) and send a new invoice for the correct item that needs to be received.

    I guess I don't understand the issue with AP and purchasing having multiple screens open to process everything.  Are you invoicing at the time of PO receipt?  Are you allowing multiple PO's to be received in 1 receipt?

    I have worked A LOT on trying to get the unvouchered receipt report to tie to the GL both for clients and my current company.  One issue I found is the following:  Vendors email us invoices.  The invoice is sent as soon as the item is shipped.  It is 11/29 for what the invoice is dated.  We don't receive the goods until 12/2.  The receipt is done for 12/2 to period 12.  The invoice was being vouchered as of 11/29 to period 11 once the item was received.  The unvouchered receipts report doesn't take this into account.  You have the invoice posting to the GL in period 11 but the receipt isn't done until period 12.  Running the report as of period 11 doesn't have this receipt on it (and if it did, it would have to be voucher portion and say future receipt).  This was creating a debit on my GL (which is the same way you are going I believe).  AP was taught for up until we close AP, to match the date with the period.  We have now changed that practice related to PO's.  If the invoice has a PO, it goes in whatever period is currently open, even if it should be in a prior period.  This ensures we either have current matching or future vouchering and will show on the report.

    Another issue was invoices, for whatever reason, not being matched with the PO and just being expensed.  This was leaving the receipt on the unvouchered report.

    Finally, if you are way off on the report vs GL, you can go thru and find out what truly should be on the report (run it from the beginning of SL to present period), go into SQL and mark the receipts with an F for fully vouchered, adjust your GL to match the report and move on.  Then make sure to reconcile monthly  :)

    If you would like me to take a look at what you are doing via GTM, let me know.  If you need anything else, let me know.

    Hope this helps,

    Michael O'Neill
    Eastex Telephone Cooperative
    Henderson TX