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Order Mgmt - Ship Complete Functionality

  • 1.  Order Mgmt - Ship Complete Functionality

    Posted May 31, 2019 11:56 AM
    We have an opportunity and wondering how others address or if there are alternatives with regards to the use of the Ship Complete function.

    We do many orders for our customers where we mix a combination of dropship (from mfr) and warehouse fulfillment from our locations.  When we have the Customer set as Ship Complete (shipping tab, Sales Order Screen) and build a Sales Order (40.100.00) that has multiple Site ID's, we currently do not get a manifest printed at the warehouse fulfillment site until all items from all Site ID's are at the warehouse fulfillment site.  This would mean that Ship complete is as a whole order rather than ship complete by site ID.

    Does anyone know a way that one would be able to have Ship Complete, but have it indicate this for each site ID?  In other words, set so that each site, once that site's materials are complete, would print their manifests.  This would man that Ship Complete is as an order by Site ID.

    Todd Fischer
    Quality Systems
    Grand Rapids MI