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Post check to wrong month

  • 1.  Post check to wrong month

    Posted Jan 21, 2019 03:46 PM
    After printing a out an AP check the systems asks what month you want the check to be applied too. We always do the month that the current date was is because it affects cash. A couple of times this month we posted checks to 12-2018, instead of 01-2019.

    For future reference if there a way to change the month that a check is posted too, so if you know you posted to the wrong month you could go in an change it?

    Kaleb DeJager
    AP Manager

  • 2.  RE: Post check to wrong month

    Posted Jan 21, 2019 04:32 PM
    Hi Kaleb,

    At the end of doing a check run, the final step is AP Check this point, you have the opportunity to change the period to post...

    There are several ways to correct:

    I believe Progressive has a 3rd party program that will update period to post for incorrect transactions.
    You can void the checks and redo them to the correct period but not send the new check.  This will get check numbers off for bank rec.
    Within cash manager, when doing bank rec, you can create O type transactions that will balance the checking but not affect the GL.  When printing the bank rec, the discrepancy will show up on the report for check date and period to post don't match.

    I imagine you don't move the AP period until x number of days into the new month.  We used to do it this way and found it was causing an issue with check period to post.  We changed our ways to close AP on the 1st of the month and invoices (vouchers) are posted back.  Checks will go to the correct period.  It is easier to fix a voucher to the wrong period than a check.

    Hope this helps...let me know of any issues...


    Michael O'Neill
    Eastex Telephone Cooperative
    Henderson TX