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Transfer Screen Customization Issues

  • 1.  Transfer Screen Customization Issues

    Posted May 30, 2019 12:59 PM

    We are currently on SL 2015 and have an issue on the transfer screen when copying and pasting the inventory id so I am working on a customization that will check if all the required info is entered on a line and if it hasn't been saved (recordid = 0) to then call edit_save. However, I am getting some errors. The first one is when I enter in a few lines, move down to a new line (no info entered) and then click on a line above and receive the Programming Bulletproof Error 20007 current grid row does not match. I hit ok and then the screen closes out, but looking at the database the records are all saved.


    The other error I receive is an assertion failure. This one will pop up if I enter in a few lines and then after finish entering info in on a line, I will click on a line above, with no errors. But once I navigate back to the last row entered, this error will pop up. The screen will then close, but again all the records are written to the database.


    I have looked online for similar issues and haven't found anything close enough. 

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