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Direct Deposit Rules in the Payroll Module

  • 1.  Direct Deposit Rules in the Payroll Module

    Posted Nov 30, 2018 07:01 PM
    We just ran a batch of bonus net checks, the direct deposit distribution of which left me questioning my sanity.

    All employees' Direct Deposits are setup with a Distribution Type of Fixed Amount.  Most employees' Low Pay Rule is set to All Pay Goes to the Primary Account.  Only 3 of the 17 are set to Distribute Pay, from First to Last.

    Of the 17 employees, 5 direct deposits to 2 accounts - having one primary account and one secondary account.  The rest direct their deposits to a single account.  1 of the 5 has Distribute Pay, from First to Last as their Low Pay Rule all others have their rule set at All Pay Goes to the Primary Account.

    According to the user guide, the combination of the Fixed Amount and the All Pay Goes to the Primary Account might lead one to believe that the Low Pay Rule overrides the Distribution Type of Fixed Amount and one would see the full amount distributed to the primary account.  This did not happen for the 5 who direct their deposits to multiple accounts.  All pay went to the secondary account first and then to the primary regardless of their Low Pay Rule.

    Perhaps I'm reading the User Guide incorrectly.  Or perhaps there is a threshold in the system that dictates when the Low Pay Rule goes into effect.  Any wisdom shared would be appreciated!

    Melia Donovan
    Accounting Analyst
    Pacific Northwest Generating Cooperative
    Portland OR