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UPC codes for inventory items

  • 1.  UPC codes for inventory items

    Posted Apr 24, 2019 11:14 AM
    I am struggling with the best way to "fix" our inventory items.  We have items that we sell in multiple units of measure to various customers.  Each item should have a unique UPC code.  We are currently getting around this by selling everything as "each".  E.g. - we sell 36 each of item 0000022 instead of 1 case.  We do not have item unit of measure schedules properly configured either (note - I didn't set up the inventory I took over a few years ago long after it was set up).  I would like to properly configure our UofM schedules and fix the inventory but I am struggling with the UPC code portion.  I do not believe there is any way for SL to handle a UPC code based on the UofM - it is only on the item itself.  What I would like to do is something like the following example:

    Invt ID Description UOFM UPC Code
    ITEM01 Pepsi, 12 OZ Can CS24 012000000133
    ITEM01 Pepsi, 12 OZ Can EACH 012000000171
    ITEM01 Pepsi, 12 OZ Can CS36 012000100109

    I do not think this would be possible without a customization.  Am I missing something or is the only way to do this in SL is to have multiple inventory IDs for each item based on the UofM?

    Daniel Shepherd
    Accounting Manager
    Sarris Candies Inc
    Canonsburg PA
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  • 2.  RE: UPC codes for inventory items

    Posted Apr 25, 2019 11:52 AM
    Hi Daniel,

    If your cans are packaged and sold in different units, each package size should have a unique inventory ID and UPC code.  You are correct that SL is not designed to handle varying UOM and UPC codes in a single inventory ID.​

    There are advantages to keeping the inventory IDs separate.

    Best of luck with your project!

    Cindy Smith
    Director of Client Service
    Synergy Business Solutions, Inc.
    portland OR

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  • 3.  RE: UPC codes for inventory items

    Posted Apr 25, 2019 11:55 AM

    The way to handle this would be with separate inventory IDs.  This would also allow you to us a Kit or BOM for each, as the costs will vary by size.  If all packaging is for POS sales then you will want a UPC\EAN-13\EAN-8 number for each.  However if you are using master packs mostly for supply chain movements you can use ITF-14\UCC-14\EAN-14\GTIN-14 Barcodes.  These allow for master pack and sub pack identifications.  The base of each is the UPC for the POS systems.  But it allows for multiple pack levels. 


    InvtID    Desc                                      UOM     BarCode

    Item01  Pepsi, 24-12oz                   CS24      012000000133 (UPC)

    Item02 Pepsi, 60-CS24                    PL60       10012000000133 (GTIN-14)

    Item03 Pepsi, 22-PL60                    TR48      50012000000133 (GTIN-14)


    So in Kit\BOM:

    Item00 would have 1 can, 1 lid, 12oz Pepsi UPC (012000000171) (1 can)

    Item01 would have 24 Item00, 1 Carton with UPC 012000000133 (1 case)

    Item02 would have 60 Item01,1 pallet, 50ft shrink wrap, 2 labels GTIN-14 10012000000133 (1 Pallet)

    Item03 would have 22 Item02, 1 packing slip with GTIN-14 50012000000133 (1 Truck load)


    Bottom line is that each POS sell able unit needs its own InvtID and UPC.  Units for Supply Chain can use other coding structures.  This keeps the number of registered UPC codes down and allows the supply chain to scan 1 code to identify the quantity of sell able units in the container of like items.

    Dwight Neate
    SL Administrator
    Material Handling Services
    Perrysburg OH

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