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2019 DSLUG Conference Seeking Speakers

By Drew Skwiers-Koballa posted 16 days ago

The Dynamics SL User Group conference relies on numerous volunteers for a comprehensive and multi-day schedule of content on everything from Customizations to Project/Payroll.  As we approach the conference this year we still have a few sessions left to find speakers for.

We want you!  Yes you!

Does public speaking make you nervous?


Or are you completely chill in front of an audience?


I dare to suggest that DSLUG is the most welcoming community for new and experienced speakers alike.

For those who are unfamiliar with presenting at a DSLUG conference, you work with a content-specific track chair that:
  • ensures you are able to find the resources you need
  • clarifies the intent of the session
  • helps you remember specific deadlines
  • reviews the slide deck
  • cheers you on along the way

Come to Learn, Stay to Grow

It's often said that the DSLUG conferences are all about learning and networking. Why be a speaker at a conference all about learning and networking?

1) There are few better ways to learn material than to share it with others.  Whether it's the first time or the eleventh time you present a topic, chances are you will learn something while preparing or from one of your audience members.  You don't have to know it all to become a presenter.

2) There are few better ways to meet peers than by presenting a session.  Imagine everyone having an opening line to start a conversation with you - "hi, you did a nice job with your session today!" Take the networking to another level.  


Ready to Volunteer?

Did I mention one of the speaker perks is early bird conference pricing?

There are session(s) available in nearly every track.

  • Accounting/Finance
  • BI & Reporting
  • Developer
  • Distribution & Service
  • IT & Technical
  • Project/Payroll
  • SQL

If you're interested in presenting or want more information about the available sessions, please reach out to the Content committee at